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The html/css template has been implemented into MODx CMS.


MODX implementation


Depending drop-down lists linked to the resource structure.

You can see such lists on front page, on student registration form and on school registration form.

Once you create a new language, country or location in the back end the relevant option appears in the drop-down. The second and third drop-down depending field are not active before you choose an option in the upper level select field. For example you choose a language on the quick select on front page this will activate the country select field.


Auto Google-map creating

This function creates a map on a school page automatically after you create a new school. No additional efforts needed to create a map with a marker pointing to the school building or to the geographical center of the city/town if the school exact address hasn't been mentioned. This functionality has been realized by using Google's geocoder function.


Effect of a glass office partition with a light grid

This is done by automatic darkening the main picture on the front page and putting a grid upon the picture to make an effect of a transparent office partition you are looking through.


Faster front page

The front page has been made using Modx wayfinder instead of usual getResouces to make the front page language section. This make the site perfectly fast.


Sending emails to several recipients with custom templates

Special hooks was used in the FormIt snippet to send emails with individual field sets. This is useful to provide a restricted or modified information being emailed to the student or school while emailing full set of field values submitted to the site administrator.


Front-end resource dynamic creating

While submitting a form by the school or student a new document in the back-end resource tree will be created. As for schools the resource will be created in the appropriate tree branch based on the current language and country selection in the form. That means that your customers help you to create an appropriate back-end tree structure and the site administrator just have to click the published check-box for the resource to appear in the front-end.


Front-end file uploading smart allocating

While submitting a form with file fields the files will be automatically uploaded to an appropriate directory depending on language and country selection in the form. This makes faster and more secure handling the submitted information.


Hardening Modx

Hardening of Modx has been made according to Modx developers' recommendations.


Moving core out of html-docs folder

This is done to make the most important folder of Modx out of physical access from the Internet.


Renaming the back-end default folder

It is easy for a geek to guess what kind of CMS is used by the particular site so the /manager folder is at risk to be hacked. Renaming this folder makes it much more difficult for a potential hacker to recognize the CMS and therefor to hack your back-end.


Forcing a https-only access in the back-end

To prevent a possible interception of your login and password while using unencrypted date transfer protocol all connection to the back-end have been forced to the encrypted protocol.


CSS/HTML/Javascript features

Fully responsive pages

All the site pages are fully responsive, so whether your client come with a PC or a laptop or a 800*480 smartphone he will use a handy and nice looking layout of the site pages.


Responsive tables

Using a jquery function makes the tables uploaded into a school page responsive with a horizontal scrolling.


Picking dates with a pop-up calendar

Dates can be either typed to a field or picked from a pop-up calendar using a jquery function.


Pop-up help/support

This is done by using Live Helper chat system. Also there's a suspended option of using on-site skype call/chat button changing its color according to the help adviser's current status.

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