About Project

This work is an implemention of many modx modules and technologies.

The website was developed for a network of language schools workswide.
The front page has a sofisticated drop-down filter linked to the list of language school resouces.

A member school have a form page to submit its participaton to the network.
We used Google geoposition API here: the school's location gets automatically created and shown out on the map after its adress is mentioned in the submission form.
It is quite an impresive feature that was specially appreciated by the client.

Special CSS classes were used for the price/duration school tables to make it 3D-like.

There are several large forms for school and student submission.

The MODx installation was hardened to protect from malicious software and hackers.  
Foreign Language World website is fully responsive and mobile ready.

Please see other good looking websites powered by MODx or Internet stores.

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